Behold the Man

Acts 29 invites you to its annual conference in Europe, Behold the Man: Planting the Gospel in Europe, to be held at Cornerstone Church in Nottingham, UK on April 21st – 22nd, 2015.

“Behold the man!” was Pilate’s command in John 19. And as odd as it sounds, each of us ought to obey this man, the same one who handed Jesus over to be executed. We ought to fix our eyes on the Man he is pointing to. Continue Reading

iGPA France

France a Gospel Priority Area:

  • In France there are over 250 towns of over 10,000 people which have no gospel-preaching church at all
  • In some ‘départements’ in France (= UK counties) there are only 2 evangelical churches of any description.
  • Of the 36,664 local communities in France, approximately 34,500 have no resident evangelical witness
  • In France about 10 million people pay around £20 billion every year for occult consultations: three times the amount paid to their family doctors
  • There are over 30,000 registered mediums and spiritual healers in France

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