A Deep Day Conference by Acts 29 and Porterbrook Network

The Deep day on ‘Definite Atonement’ welcomed Jonny Gibson and David Gibson to lead four sessions exploring the theme of definite atonement in scripture. A synopsis of each talk is available here along with media content from the day.

Session 1 

Sacred Theology and the Reading of the Divine Word: Mapping the Doctrine of Definite Atonement
. Presented by David Gibson. Download audio

Session 2

For Whom Did Christ Die? Particularism and Universalism in the Pauline Epistles
. Presented by Jonathan Gibson. Download audio

Session 3 

The Glorious, Indivisible, Trinitarian Work of God in Christ: Definite Atonement in Paul’s Theology of Salvation
. Presented by Jonathan Gibson.

Part 1 Download audio

Part 2 Download audio

Session 4

Missions and the Cure of Souls: Pastoral Implications of Definite Atonement. Presented by David Gibson. Download audio

Session 5

Question and answer session. David and Jonathan Gibson. Download audio

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